Golden Colorado Engagement Photographer

An engagement photographer in Golden Colorado takes a photo of a couple kissing with mountains in the background.

Melissa and Mitchell’s Golden Colorado Engagement Photographer

With equal parts sweat and laughter, Melissa and Mitchell traipsed up a steep hike for their engagement photos. This beautiful session reminded me why I love being a Golden Colorado engagement photographer. Maybe it was the fields of green grass surrounding us as the sun set over the Rockies. Or maybe it was my story about the time I peed on my own hat. Maybe it was the fact that they are my ideal clients- kind people are my kind of people. Melissa and I instantly bonded over our mutual weirdness including our passions for ornithology and maps. Whatever it was, we couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces all afternoon.

Engagement Locations in Golden, Colorado

This is an Engagement location in Golden, Colorado that I’ve been dying to visit with the right couple. It’s got cliffs overlooking the front range mountains, summer wildflowers, and views for days. What I didn’t know was how great of a spot it was for a sunset engagement. The colors kept changing and made my job easy! We even got a view of Denver’s city skyline, which is perfect for this pair of recent arrivals to CO. However, this hike to the top isn’t for the faint of heart. When Mitchell and Melissa told me they were into backpacking in the Sierra mountains, I knew this would be a great spot for them. A June heatwave added an extra level of suffering (for me. They were fine.). I looked like an electrocuted rat at the top.

Goofy Engagement Photos

They played in the sunshine, grabbed some booty, dared to boogie on the edge of the cliff, and goofed off until it was dark. We listened to canyon wrens and nighthawks in the evening light and went “SQUEE!” over baby bunnies. In short, it was perfect! One of the greatest parts of my job is meeting amazing people and these two really set the bar high. I can’t wait to photograph their Wild Basin Lodge wedding this fall. Congratulations you two!

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  1. This is epic!!!! I love Golden.

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