Garden Of The Gods Wedding Photos

Adam & Alyssa’s Garden of the Gods Wedding Photos

The first day of September was blazing hot this year, and looking out at the red-rock desert formations made it seem hotter. Adam and Alyssa’s Garden Of The Gods wedding photos were also… well, hot! The iconic background at the garden of the gods club ceremony site is one of the most beautiful in Colorado. These two enhanced it further just by being themselves and having the best day of their lives. Alyssa wore a lace over champagne wedding gown with plunging neckline and accessorized with a huge smile, while Adam chose a dashing blue suit and luxe touches. My job as a wedding photographer is so incredibly special.. melding the mountains with the emotions, preserving what the day was like in the smiles and tears on family & friend’s faces, and trying my best to capture the colors of the most incredible sunset as they really were.

The best wedding sunset ever

On that note – the wedding planning deities must have really loved these two – as we enjoyed perfect lighting all day, especially at the High Point area of Garden Of The Gods for their wedding portraits after their ceremony. The clouds broke open, streaks of golden rays swept over the valley below, and light sprinkles of rain surrounded us in sparkles, and while it looked like a scene from a movie, the feeling of stillness and connection present on the dry rocks was something I will hold in my heart for years to come. The romantic wedding portraits at sunset just after their first dance were a magical, epic fairytale dream as we were joined by a deer and her two spotted fawns drinking from the reflection pool – it was overwhelming how beautiful the scene was. An unforgettable wedding shooting alongside Autumn Parry Photography. 

Check out how hard Adam is SELLING this look. He’s like a Justin Timberlake meets James Bond who is selling watches in high end mags.

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