Elopement Photographer Bloopers

These behind the scenes photos and elopement photographer bloopers give a better representation of my shooting style at elopements than words ever could. I’ll do anything to get the shot, and it’s not a good shoot if I don’t come out dirty at the end. I bustle dresses, lay on the ground a lot, and get in any position. No terrain is safe and I will do anything ridiculous if it gets my subjects to laugh! Ask me about the time I got fire ants in my pants.. or the time I had to remove my pants because I was covered in thorns and burrs. Or the time I stuck my tripod in a cactus. Maybe you want to hear about my driving apron, because I eat on the way to shoots and I’m guaranteed to spill on myself. Or the time my camelback leaked on me and then I laid in dirt so I was muddy by 2pm. I’m a mess, ya’ll.

If ‘Bye Bye Bye’ plays at your dance party, I WILL dance. That is both a promise and a threat.

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