Eldorado Canyon Elopement

Eldorado Canyon Elopement

From their epic Moab engagement session, to their home engagement photos with cats, to their ability to goof off AT ALL TIMES: Kim & Seth are my dream clients and insta-bffs! Seth proposed to Kim on the side of a cliff after a grueling rock climbing adventure the summer before. They had to scramble down the cliff quickly right after she said yes, because a dangerous thunderstorm was rolling in. Together they have a BIG love of the outdoors, climbing, hiking, and adventuring. A traditional wedding just wouldn’t fit right for these two. So they planned a simple outdoor elopement ceremony in the middle of October, hoping for some fall color. Boulder is right in their backyard and Eldorado Canyon State Park is one of their favorite places to climb. With this amazing plan in mind, everything was set for their Eldorado Canyon elopement.

Continental Divide Overlook

The continental divide overlook was a perfect spot with big views of, you guessed it, the continental divide. The family’s nieces blew bubbles (eco-friendly!) down the trail before them. Their ceremony was jam packed with laughs, and in the end it was exactly what they wanted.

Eldorado Canyon Wedding

A surprise early snowstorm turned their “fall elopement” plans into “icy winter wonderland” instead, but they embraced it!! Plus, now they know how loved they really are, as their closest family and friends made the 3.5 mile hike with 1,000 feet elevation gain on an icy trail. The dedication just to see our heroes exchange vows on the stunning cliff edge was so worth it! Kim changed into her dress on the peak, with a few girlfriends holding the world’s smallest mirror for a touch of makeup. We called Seth up onto the peak for a sweet first look, so they could walk down to the ceremony together. Now you can enjoy these incredible Eldorado Canyon elopement photos from the warmth of your home!  Congratulations, Kim & Seth – here’s to our next adventure!! (You are taking me with you, right?)


Congratulations on your Eldorado Canyon Elopement!

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