Dry Lake Bed Vow Renewal


Dallan & Lue’s Dry Lake Bed Vow Renewal Photos

Congratulations to Dallan and Lue, who celebrated 5 years of marriage with a stunning sunset dry lake bed vow renewal! I could not be happier for these two dreamboats, and I felt like the luckiest photographer in the world to shoot this for them! Lue’s dad was the mayor at one point, so we can blame him for the solar panels that obscure the view of the mountains (but we tried to hide them – more on that later.) Speaking of Lue’s family, you can see her sister Chais’s Valley of fire elopement photos here! Basically, the whole fam is the best, and with a little of my husband’s cooking to sweeten them up, they’ve adopted us into their family. Sorry, Mom!

Dry Lake Bed Colors & Sunset

I had been scouting the Eldorado dry lake bed a few days prior to the day, and I knew that sunset would bring a glowing golden wash over the mountains. This would backlight our heroes and come out epically, I thought! Then New Year’s Eve dawned and it was the only cloudy day we’d had all week. It was cold, windy, and grey AF. I used cool lighting to bring out all the color I could. Then, at the very end, we were graced with one of the best pink and blue sunsets I’ve ever seen. We also brought along a trusty off road hooligan, Spencer, who drove up and down the dry lake bed repeatedly. This was to kick up the dust and hide the solar panels! Or just to make us all laugh.. I won’t tell.

A Memorable Vow Renewal

I asked each of them to think of just a few sentences about what the last five years of marriage had meant to them. They shared these sweet words with each other, hair whipping around them (mostly Dallan) and then got mobbed by dune buggies. You just never know what is going to happen! I also had to get these two up to speed on the current slang, when I called Lue “snatched” and all I got back were blank stares. This gorgeous woman has had two kids, people! Sometimes you have to measure fun in how many times you pee yourself laughing. This day it was twice, at least for me. One time it was because Dallan said their first dance had been “something by Nickelback, right?” (wrong) and the second time I tripped over a rock (truly, the only rock for miles) and wiped out.

Check out their fun little windy gif, too!

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