Winter Della Terra Elopement

Sara & Brian’s Della Terra Winter Elopement Photos

Buckle up for these winter della terra elopement photos! Once upon a time there was a princess named Sara. An incredible Prince, Brian, came into her life and they soon knew it was meant to be. They had each found The One, the one whom all previous quests had led them to. Together with her lady-in-waiting Aubrianna, the princess dreamed of a winter wedding in Estes Park, with a fresh blanket of snow and twinkling flakes drifting all around them. A delicate and unique lace gown for Sara. A purple and blue matching bouquet for Aubrianna. And all their family and friends, traveling in from all over the lands to feast in the grand hall, and join in merriment and- *record scratch* but wait! The evil, cruel, invisible virus Corona swept in and stole their plans from the betrothed. At first, Sara & Brian were heartbroken. Their wedding, set for later in the month, was now prohibited by the knights of the kingdom. But what was to be done? The lovebirds didn’t want to wait to start their lives together.

The Winter Elopement

Soon, a rag-tag group of mountain wedding vendors pulled together to create an intimate wedding at Della Terra for the couple. The date was moved up. The guests were uninvited. It seemed that their dream wedding was falling apart before their eyes. But then it snowed – oh lord, did it snow. It snowed like falling in love: slowly at first, and then all at once. The entire town and the princess wore white, and the handsome prince married the princess of his dreams. At the end of the ceremony, they bumped elbows, sending a message to their vanquished enemy Corona – they had bested him! They had cake for dinner, and shared a first dance, and when Brian shared a sweet dance with Aubrianna, I think I cried the most I ever have at a wedding. To flaunt their wealth, the couple had toilet rolls as centerpeices. Considering how much fun we had at their rocky mountain national park engagement session, I was a little worried that the heavyness of postponing their big wedding celebration would cast a dark shadow over this elopement in Estes – but there was nothing but smiles on their faces the whole time. And even though it wasn’t perfect.. it was perfect.

Venue – Della Terra Mountain Chateau | Flowers – Enchanted Florist

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