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Ruth & Will’s Creative Queer Wedding Photos

Don’t miss this pair’s intimate mountain elopement! That same weekend, they planned this a bigger bash and these are their creative queer wedding photos! “Euphoria” is how Will described how he was feeling that night at the reception, while Ruth shared that she felt like she was “cheating at life” by having all her favorite people, things, and activities going on. If that’s not good wedding planning, I don’t know what is! After their intimate elopement wedding surrounded by their closest besties, they hosted a second ceremony and gathering to celebrate and dance with all their friends and family that weekend. This made for an epic montage of everything important to the two of them, namely JOY and more color than you can shake a stick at. Their processional began by motorized flower grandma; they got to dance with everyone they know and love; they got to shoot everyone with nerf darts (yes, actually!); and most of all they had so much time to spend together, authentically loving one another.

Colorful Gender Expression

Did I mention I felt like *I* was winning while shooting this wedding?! Because I totally won. Since we completed romantic portraits of them on the first day, the second day was all about moments, and there were plenty! Such sweet emotions were shared – keep scrolling to see what made me break down crying! Ruth became the third generation woman in her family to wear The wedding dress, a white gold silk gown with a cowl, open back, and zigzag front seam. Will stunned in a purple suit with a custom corset with an intricate pattern, winged eyeliner, and star wars cufflinks – but no shoes for either of them! Here is a collection of the best candid moments of their multi-day queer-inspired celebration. 

Day two was hitting me right in the feels, man. Witnessing such amazing, intimate moments of this family exchanging letters had me sobbing. I tried to hide it, but they broke the fourth wall and immediately adopted me without an application or interview, and held me until my tears turned to laughter.. GET IT TOGETHER, LUCY! Also here’s a photo I’ll show my physical therapist when I explain that my back hurts..

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