Colorado Mountain Proposal – Sunrise Proposal At Lost Gulch

Natosha & Joel’s Colorado Mountain Proposal Photos

Proposals are just pure joy for everyone – and Joel’s sunrise colorado mountain proposal at Lost Gulch overlook in Boulder was no exception! Natosha was so surprised, and bounced up and down to say YES! The dawn sky could not have been more beautiful backdrop for the moment. Truly, one of my top 10 sunrises of ALL TIME. The first light spread over the peaks with orange and pink and bathing everyone in a warm glow. Or maybe that was all the feels!! The newlygaged pair sat together and watched the sun come over the horizon. So freakin’ romantic! Congratulations Natosha & Joel, thank you for including me in this sweet proposal! 

Check out the cool timelapse of their stunning sunrise I put together just for fun. 

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