Colorado Adventure Engagement Session in Keystone


Zoe & Carl’s Keystone, Colorado Adventure Engagement Photos

I’m lucky enough to call Carl & Zoe my friends, so when it came time for their colorado adventure engagement session in Keystone, I knew we had to go all out. Or all in. So we did both! We braved late night i-70 traffic together (truly, a bonding experience.) We camped together in a valley near Keystone, where Carl & Zoe once hosted a mountain dance party. And by that I mean, Carl actually built an entire dance floor out of nothing and trucked it up to 10,000 feet. Zoe invited all the best people she knows and we danced all night. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever attended.

Stars & Mountain Colorado Adventures

Fast forward two years and they are engaged AF! We were expecting their Colorado adventure engagement session to be ruined by wildfire smoke. Fortunately, we arrived under clear and starry skies. We were all exhausted, but they graciously jumped at the chance to make a star photo with me. A long time vision of mine come to life with their tent and the stars above. This had to be one of my favorite moments! I thought I couldn’t possibly top that, but our sunrise engagement session the next day was awesome too!

A jam packed fun engagement session

It was jam packed with everything awesome about Carl and Zoe: mountains, barefoot adventures, competitive frolicking, outtakes that are really intakes, exploring an old mine with questionable stability, looking dramatic in front of waterfalls, tree climbing upside down kisses, laughter and shenanigans and hiking and dancing and extreme piggy back rides and a breeze in an aspen grove blowing leaves all around them. If it sounds like I’m making that up, just keep scrolling to see how their amazing Colorado engagement session photos turned out! Congratulations my dear friends and I hope these photos bring back memories of one of the most fun mornings I’ve ever had!

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