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Charlie & Justin’s Candid Denver Wedding Photos

Charlie and Justin contacted me because they needed a Candid denver wedding photographer for their crazy wedding. They took the covid wedding shuffle in their stride and went out with a bangin’ light saber duel! Charlie & Justin’s wedding day came together perfectly after all, as they celebrated their marriage with huge grins, shenanigans, and nerdy nods to harry potter and star wars. (She was a slytherin, he was a jedi, can I make it any more obvious?) It was extra special that they shared their first look in the front hall of their first home they had just bought together, aptly nicknamed The Funk House.

Their Crazy and Candid Wedding Photos at Hudson Gardens

The skies cleared just in time for them to be married in the rose garden at Hudson Gardens. Everything was just right as they giggled through their vows in front of close family and friends. Right after their ceremony, we had a semi emergency as Justin rushed to the bathroom to remove his wedding ring which was cutting off circulation to his finger. It was crazy! His best man even lent Justin his own wedding ring to wear for the rest of the day. Talk about a BEST man! Their Hudson Gardens wedding photos are colorful, candid and funny, just like them, because they were determined to have as much fun as physically possible all day long.

Karaoke Reception

The highlight of the night for everyone was the Karaoke smash hit reception – because they were indoors, dancing wasn’t permitted, so they improvised and had their family and friends sign up for karaoke tunes that brought. down. the. house. They belted out Don’t Stop Believing, Garth Brooks, and other classics until someone’s nipple came out (true story). It was a ruckus in the best way, and an event that will be remembered for a long time as they tied it up with a lightsaber exit. Shout out to my VIP of the day, the bride’s SIL Dima, who handled every curveball thrown her way with grace and positivity while helping plan the whole shebang. I couldn’t have done it without her and the wonderful team of vendors who put in their all to give these two the very best day they could have asked for – Avada Kedavra to the pandemic! It was my honor to be your candid Denver wedding photographer. Congratulations Charlie & Justin!

Hair & Makeup – Weemala | DJ – Elite Entertainment
Venue – Hudson Gardens Event Center | Video – Autumn Parry

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