Boulder Backyard Elopement Photos

Boulder Backyard Elopement Photos

It is finally time to share the highlights from Sarah & Jake’s Boulder backyard elopement photos, and maaaaan was it an incredible day! We got to shoot in the woods, in the rain, in the mountains, and everything in between! When the sun came out just for their intimate elopement ceremony it was perfection! So many handmade details came together to transform their garage into a beautiful reception space for family & friends. I’m talking everything: from Sarah’s mom making her a removable skirt for her gown, to their (fantastic) guests’ chili cook-off, everything had touches of family. Jake custom made the benches for their guests while Sarah hand made 5 million AMAZING cakes. Are you hungry yet?? My favorite detail is their woodburned ring box featuring the view from their backyard ceremony.

Backyard Elopement

I have never seen a “backyard wedding” pulled off like these two did! They thought of everything and had a smashing party to boot! For example, they bought tupperware to give out because they knew they would end up with more food than they could eat. So every guest got to take home some of their favorites! If you’ve seen their engagement photos in Rocky Mountain National Park, you know that these two really care about their photos and make my job super easy. Just look at how adorably in love they are! So honored to have been a part of their epic marriage day, and most of all, I’m so happy they have each other – Congratulations! -Lucy

Flowers by Fawn’s Leap Botanical Arts



This photo of Jake’s mom with her arm around him is just priceless! Luckily, our second photographer Dan was there to catch the moment. If you’re on the fence about adding a second shooter, doooo it! You won’t regret it! 


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