Boulder Elopement Photos at Lost Gulch


Tara & Billy’s Boulder Elopement Photos

You simply will not find more beautiful boulder elopement photos with mountain views than this ideal day! Total dreamboats Tara and Billy planned a simple elopement on Flagstaff mountain that reflected their easygoing attitude. While getting to know their vision for the day, Tara said she wanted to “just bop up and get married.” Something we definitely achieved.. with some incredible mountain view portraits to boot! First, the stylish pair shared a sweet first look – at the mountains and each other – at Lost Gulch. This is a favorite spot of mine for west-facing views. On this day, it was hot as BAWLS! So, we took our time to get to a private spot to avoid getting too shiny in the oppressive heat.

Their Sunrise Amphitheater Elopement in Boulder

After their jaw dropping mountain elopement photos, we headed back down Flagstaff mountain. Tara and Billy rented out the Sunrise Amphitheater, but at sunset. The view over the city of Boulder is unmatched. Mostly they loved the laid back nature of the place. There was ample room for their immediate families to sit on the stone seating. Billy’s sister kindly officiated their ceremony, which included signing their marriage license during the ceremony! This is a move I LOVE to see! What better way to declare you are officially married. If you’re wondering what to include in your elopement, take a page from Tara and Billy’s book.

Their Boulder Elopement Style

Billy, certainly not one to stray from style, wore a well tailored royal blue suit with a lavender tie and OCTOPUS SOCKS. (I will need to buy some now.) Tara’s gown was an elegant sheath with fun half sleeves and beautiful beaded detail all over. The pair rocked up in tennis shoes and hiking boots to start, and slipped on fancier shoes for the ceremony. Amazingly, Tara did all her own flowers for her elopement. So her classic white and greenery bouquet with succulents and two floral anchors at the ceremony were as personal as could be. Even the table centerpieces in their backyard were handcrafted. Another family member baked their cake. And their custom vow books, burned with the exact topography of the spot they said their vows, were a gift from their boulder elopement photographer. (Hello.)

A Casual Elopement Reception

Because we weren’t under a strict schedule, there was time to mingle, greet and chat with all their loved ones present. It was so easy for me to grab candids of their parents and siblings, because everyone was grinning ear to ear! I know these will be some of their most treasured images for years to come. Then It took approximately 3 minutes to complete some family portraits. That’s a win, folks! They shared a champagne toast with everyone. Then a little romance alone on the edge of the mountain. This lookout catches the very edge of the Flatirons formation that Boulder is known for. And with a little sunset color in the sky, it was ever so romantic.

Back at the House

After their Boulder elopement photos, I followed the newlyweds to their house. But it’s ok, they invited me! Their backyard was lit up with hanging lights and simple table spreads in the backyard. Having me photograph the end of their night was important to them for one big reason. So we could capture a portrait with their dog, Wally! Without the stress of bringing him along for the whole day, we got the best of both worlds. They ate tacos, cut cake, laughed with their families and let their nieces and nephews crawl through the dog door. Then I was inspired by some hanging decorative lamps in their yard during dinner. My favorite shot of the night might be the colorful night portrait with the colorful lamp!

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