Behind the Scenes 2021 & LSP Bloopers

Behind the Scenes

The 2021 roundup of hilarious behind the scenes stories and bloopers are here! If this is your first time reading my blog, let me first say, welcome. And secondly, please know that my whole life is a blooper reel. I don’t have it together and I’m always blundering through most situations with the grace of a flightless duck. There’s just a lot to unpack here. I can charm the pants off your parents and find straw in my underpants later. I will also be giving out awards in the Best Group photo, Best Butts, Most Glamorous Nosebleed, and Least Dignity While Photographing categories.

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My Clients are the best

You know that feeling when you’ve found your people? I’m grateful to be surrounded by my people every day, because my clients are fun loving, easy going, upbeat people who love the outdoors. Their willingness to participate in various ridiculous schemes absolutely tickles me. And there is often a funny face thrown in there too.

Goofing off behind the scenes at Engagement Sessions

What better chance to goof off together, I mean get to know each other, than an engagement session? When we got to Telluride for Patrick and Kaige’s engagement session, I realized the rough road to the waterfall would prevent their car from making it up. But we really wanted that waterfall. So I suggested that they hop in the back of my 1996 beater and ride up the mountain to the spot.. surprisingly, they were all for it! Thanks for being up for anything guys!

And how can one engagement session yield all these ridiculous moments? Check out the ultra-glamorous changing tent we will haul up a mountain for you.

Meeting with friends and past clients

I’m truly thankful that the folks I “work” with easily segway into being my friends. One of my biggest joys is running into my past clients at my current client’s events. Sometimes multiple couples at once! This year I got to see past couples from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 on both sides of the country. I even ran into Heather and Chris while on a hike, saw Sarah & Chris again as they assisted a mutual friend’s engagement session, and bumped into Carl and Zoe in the airport!

More joy is found running into one of my 2022 couples in the airport.

You may remember Bonnie from her and Mike’s wedding photos at Casa Bonita. And weird people are my kind of people. When I saw Bonnie doing this with her hands, as a guest at a wedding I was photographing.. well, I had to make it even weirder with some Pan’s Labyrinth inspired photoshop. Behold:

Sorry in advance for the nightmares.

Bringing it on the dancefloor

I don’t know what “it” is, but I definitely brought “it” on the dancefloor this year. If there is dancing, and you play some 00’s boyband jams, there is a 110% chance I’ll be on the dancefloor. I even had an incident in September. While my jam was on, I planned to whip out a move and cross one leg in front of the other. But instead I just tripped myself and landed flat on my back. Folks, it was an epic fall. Don’t worry about my cameras, I broke their fall with my body and my left hand. I thought it had broken my hand because it instantly turned purple. It turns out I had just caused some major bruising and tendonitis. Win or fail? You decide.

And the most glamorous nosebleed of the year goes to..

In the dirty butt department, I came in first place again. Nobody is surprised.

The funniest group photo goes to THIS mixed-species crew!

Lucy in Action

I know what you really came here for. You want behind the scenes nonsense of Lucy getting up to Lucy things. And I’ve got the goods. My team of amazing second photographers are largely responsible for these hilarious moments that mostly make no sense. They all deserve an explanation, but then we’d be here all day. And honestly, I do feel that the lack of context shows the real me. First, here’s some silly stuff of the photographers I get to work with and call my friends, like the time me and G ate dinner outside in the rain, and the time C held my big stupid light in the fog.

Drowned frog?

We start with one of my year’s highlights- a steamy underwater shoot in Costa Rica. One of the coolest shoots of my life. So queue my cringe when I saw the behind the scenes photos my husband took of me. I look like a frog that somehow drowned in a pool?! With a snorkel. Right. Let’s move on.


I’m almost always covered in bags, straps, lights, cameras, lenses, backup batteries, and sometimes backpacks, harnesses and binoculars too. Add on a dorktastic hat and some sunglasses and you have a Lucy in the wild. I keep my chiropractor in business. What will I put on in 2022??

That’s the wrap on behind the scenes 2021!

If you want to be a part of the fun in 2022 or 2023, get in touch now. Maybe you’ll see yourself here next year!

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