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Erika & Megan’s Backyard Engagement Photos

OH MY GOSH THESE TWO! I love creating backyard engagement photos – it’s so private and personal. What do you get when two bashful ladies spend an afternoon with me and a horde of bunnies? Adorableness and glam-spice to the max! I met Megan a decade ago at summer camp when we were just kids! So I was incredibly flattered when she and Erika asked me to be their wedding photographer after all these years. They even asked me before they were officially engaged! Though we live several thousand miles apart now, and meeting Erika for the first time that day, hanging out with these two was like being with family.

Their LGBTQ Engagement Locations

They welcomed me into their home, garden, and even their sketchy garden shed, where the approximate inside temperature level was: surface of the sun. Then we survived braving Boston traffic together – talk about a bonding experience! And we ended the day by strolling around their wedding venue. The sun was setting and we found ourselves in a field full of bunnies. It was as if we were in a movie. It probably should be a movie.. Anyway, I can’t wait to go back for their destination winter wedding in early 2019 – It is definitely going to be an epic wedding! Enjoy these highlights from their backyard engagement photos session. 

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