Meet me!

LSP16Headshot-3I don’t take myself too seriously, and I hope you don’t either-  but I do LOVE my job. When I’m shooting I’m a normal human being total goof, creating a fun atmosphere where it’s easy to feel comfortable. We’ll be laughing all day. Being a professional photographer has been my dream since I picked up a camera at 7 years old. I was homeschooled in suburban Massachusetts and spent most of my time (Okay.. all of it) outside with my camera, teaching myself to get the shot as I saw it in my head, and just never stopped! I started LSP in 2009, focusing primarily on families and portraits before moving to weddings full time in 2013. I lived in New York for three years, working with other wedding photographers instead of going to college. I met my fiance when I moved to Colorado in 2015 – literally, on my first night here- and haven’t looked back!  



Yep, DEFINITELY homeschooled.

Fun Facts About Lucy:

  • My favorite food is anything wrapped in more food. Pierogies. Ravioli. Potstickers. Samosas. Empanadas. You get the point.

  •  If I wasn’t always photographing, I’d be camping, reading, archery-ing (arching?), or kicking butt at most word games. I’m also really enjoying DIYing my house! 

  • I’ve danced contra, swing, lindy, blues and fusion, but off the dancefloor I’m a total klutz. Like I once cut myself on a bagel. It’s bad, dudes. 

  • My top three movies of all time are probably The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, and, I’ll admit it, Pocahontas. Why do they all begin with p? We may never pknow.

  • Still not over how cute bunnies are. 

  • I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, (HSP), I’m into NVC, and I have Misophonia (which is, unfortunately, not a soup). And even though I look like I’m 16, I promise you I’m definitely not. 

  • In high school I worked in veterinary surgery and spay neuter clinics. I am now an “adult” crazy cat lady and have two adorable/terrible little munchkins – Fluffalo and Peep.  My dream is to have a house so big that my fiance doesn’t know how many cats we have. 

  • Hidden talents: injuring myself, spilling food on myself, putting my foot in my mouth and sick dance moves. You’ve been warned. 

  • I’ve traveled to New Zealand, Indonesia, Germany & Austria, where I kept cheese in my pockets to lure stray cats into my arms.  It was.. occasionally successful. If you have been to New Zealand, we are already friends. 

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