It’s going to be epic. We’re going to have fun. I’m going to get dirty. 
My story & style

LSP16Headshot-3My style is modern, romantic, vibrant, dramatic & creative! I’m upbeat all of the time and my images reflect my genuine excitement for every love story. Great communication, stunning images, quick turn around time and a supremely fun wedding photography experience is what I pride myself on. All of my packages are all day photography – there’s no cap on the number of hours covered, and the engagement session is always included at no charge as well. My posing style is pretty smushy – I don’t want to see any space between you lovebirds! Read more about how my weddings feel here. Being a professional photographer has been my dream since I picked up a camera in elementary school. I was homeschooled in suburban Massachusetts and spent most of my time (Okay.. all of it) outside with my camera, teaching myself to get the shot as I saw it in my head, and just never stopped! I started LSP in 2009, focusing primarily on families and portraits before moving to weddings full time in 2013. Before moving to Denver, I lived in New York for three years where I worked with other wedding photographers, learning a ton and honing my style. When I’m shooting I’m a normal human being total goof, creating a fun atmosphere where it’s easy to feel comfortable. We’ll be laughing all day!

I’m a winner of a Fearless award for outstanding wedding photography, making me one of the highest rated female wedding photographers in Colorado. With nothing but 5 star reviews, I received the 2016, 2017 & 2018 Couples Choice Awards from Wedding Wire putting me in the top 5% of wedding vendors. Full awards list here.  I get to do what I love for a living and it shows!

Fun Facts About Lucy:

  • My comfort food is Mac & Cheese with extra cheese. With cheese on top. 

  •  At home you will find me wrapped in copious blankets watching The Office or Disney movies. I also love camping, reading, archery, and could kick your butt at most word games. 

  • Hidden talents: injuring myself, spilling food on myself and sick dance moves. You’ve been warned. 

  • I’m a volunteer foster home for cats & sick kittens. 

  • I’ve traveled to New Zealand, Indonesia, Germany & Austria, where I kept cheese in my pockets to lure stray cats to cuddle me.  It was.. occasionally successful. 

    Watch my 2 minute introduction video for more! 

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