Summer Della Terra Wedding Photos – Estes Park Wedding Photographer

A colorful Estes Park wedding photographer’s modern and epic take on a mid summer bash at Della Terra & Rocky Mountain National Park.

This blog post is dedicated to “Party Day” : the day Sara & Brian got to celebrate their wedding day with family and friends after coronavirus abbreviated their winter wedding plans. Already married and with all the formalities completed, this day was all about having as much fun as possible – and yup, they nailed it. The sweet couple drove Brian’s first love, his sweet red convertible, to their Rocky Mountain National Park wedding portraits. Don’t get me wrong, their winter elopement in Estes Park was gorgeous, but there is nothing quite like rocky in summer. Hands down it’s one of the best places to be when you’re a Colorado wedding photographer, and Sara and Brian’s constant laughter and high spirits make my job almost too easy. Their Tiny Planet with a idyllic blue sky and perfect white clouds turned out one of the best I think I’ve ever done. We stopped at a few of my favorite areas in the park, and then hustled all the way up to Trail Ridge Road only to find it was a typhoon up there. Hail! At the end of July! This being Party Day, we just shrugged our shoulders and rolled with it, waiting in our cars for a beat until the storm passed. (Spoiler alert, the wind stayed windy.) Then we returned to Della Terra for their ceremony, where again the couple’s daughter won awards for her excellence in flower-girl duties. Everything was so relaxed, so they could enjoy the entire day. I LOVED the outdoor dancing at Della Terra Mountain Chateau! With lights strung above the cobblestone dancefloor, fire heaters and mountain views from the patio, I’m not sure I’ve seen a more romantic outdoor dancefloor than this one. I can’t wait to get back to creating more Party Days in everyone’s future. This one can only be relived through the photographs they have of their wedding day! Congratulations Sara & Brian!

WEDDINGS | Colorado & Beyond| CONTACT

WEDDINGS | Colorado & Beyond| CONTACT

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