Creative and Colorful Valley of Fire Elopement Photos – Nevada Destination Wedding Photographer

Beautiful desert elopement photos at Valley of Fire state park in Nevada.

I’m obsessed with happy people and therefore I’m obsessed with Chais and Spencer. After getting engaged in February, these newlyweds braved so many rescheduled wedding plans, I’m not even going to list them all. This isn’t a downer story, though, because the end result were these incredibly gorgeous elopement photos in Valley of Fire. To be this gleeful in one of the hottest canyons on earth means they must REALLY like each other. Seriously, I don’t think I have a single photo of them where they’re not grinning, and that’s what eloping is all about: having as much fun together as possible! It’s my ultimate goal to make photographs that make people say “We had so much fun -and these look like us!” From the very first photo we shot at the White Domes trail, we were all doubled over laughing and I don’t even remember why! Probably I was making inappropriate jokes about Spencer’s butt, because as you’re about to see Becky, it is so.. round. There I go again! These beauts went for an adventurous elopement hike in Valley of Fire during the heat of the afternoon in the middle of June.. which made it a type 2 fun kind of day. Spencer was absolutely the MVP in his blue suit as we explored the amazing desert landscape while sweating uncontrollably. The red hues of the rock canyon walls and blue sky made a beautiful backdrop for their colorful desert elopement photos, and they shared a romantic first dance in the dry riverbed. On the hike down to the main attraction, the slot canyon, we observed purple and orange Tarantula hawk wasps flying around on the desert vegetation, and my trusty steed (and entomologist husband) Steven told us all about how they attack tarantulas. We had an incredible time exploring the slot canyon, in which Spencer found a Blueberry (?! wat ) and the elopement photos in the slot canyon came out totally epic and are some of my favorite of all the destination elopement photos I’ve done. On our hike out, to our astonishment we witnessed a tarantula hawk wasp dueling with a desert tarantula exactly as Steven had described – what are the chances!? I did shoot photos of it but I’ll refrain from posting them here, as they are terrfyingly close up, the creepy factor is off the charts, and unfortunately one of the individuals died in the match. It was good that Chais and Spencer are nature lovers and appreciated this once in a lifetime sight instead of running for the hills. Now you can enjoy their Valley Of Fire elopement through the colorful and creative photos below, with two tiny planets and more romance than you can shake a tarantula at! And if you’re interested in eloping at Valley of Fire, check out my guide with all the info and possibilities! 

ELOPEMENTS | Colorado & Beyond | CONTACT


ELOPEMENTS | Colorado & Beyond | CONTACT

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