Sunrise Bryce Canyon Elopement – Utah National Park Elopement Photographer

The most colorful & stunning sunrise elopement photos at Bryce Canyon, Utah.

I’d give anything to go back in time and relive this sunrise with Micaela & John Michael last month- it was truly one of the most beautiful and unforgettable wedding locations you could imagine. They braved a very early wake up call for their Bryce Canyon National Park sunrise wedding photos, and it paid off, big time. Bryce is one of the easiest and most beautiful national parks to elope in, and we knocked it out of the park! Having been to Bryce Canyon before (It’s where I got engaged!), I knew that sunrise on the Queen’s Garden trail and Sunset Point would be the perfect desert backdrop to their national park wedding photos, and they trusted me completely. We were graced with a stunning sunrise with a rainbow of color – every shade from blue and purple to the bright orange hoodoos that define this iconic park, the golden sky and green aspens making this a elopement photographer’s paradise! They walked down hand in hand to a spot that felt right, and just as the sun crested the mountains in the background and lit up the canyon, they affirmed their 8-year long relationship journey together on the edge of the cliff. UMM, you guys it was GORGEOUS! I was alternating between tearing up because I was so honored to be there for their special moments, and cracking up because we simply had the best time together. They were witnessed only by birds and chipmunks, and we even found a cicada and named him Paul. Just elopement things 🙂 And you already know from my tagline that I usually end up pretttty dirty after my shoots, and I really nailed it this time with a full coating of bryce-colored dust after I laid down on the trail and scooted around on it like the dork that I am! It looks like I took a desert dust bath.. which I basically did. It was so fun to show the newlyweds around the national park as we chased our own shadows and the glowy dawn light to several overlooks for two tiny planets and more sweet moments – John Michael kept kissing Micaela’s hand and helping with her dress – even my husband was swooning. They were so focused on each other, I hardly had to tell them to do anything. If being doctors doesn’t work out for these two, they could obviously fall back on modeling. If you ever think you will look awkward when photographed, put those silly negative thoughts in the nearest dumpster and then set it on fire. All you need to do is get married and you will absolutely melt into your partner without a care in the world – trust me! EVERYONE looks good when you’re smiling from ear to ear and having the time of your life. Congratulations to these two dream clients and check out my Bryce Canyon Elopement Guide for more ideas on how to make your own Bryce Canyon national park elopement photos special for you!

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Miceala shared this kind review just a week after getting their full gallery of Bryce canyon wedding photos. “We can’t say enough positive things about Lucy. From the very beginning Lucy made us feel so loved and adored. Due to Covid, we were forced to move our Colorado destination wedding. And her photos…man are they PERFECT. The colors are vibrant. The photo selection shows such creativity and this one woman show captures absolutely every angle you could ever want. She is funny, light-hearted, and organized which keeps the day in progression while also keeping everyone calm and happy.  She is also selfless. We just feel so honored to have met her and have such a talented photographer capture what was the best day of our lives.” Brb, crying forever.. 

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