Fall Summit Lake & Echo Lake Elopement – Colorado Elopement Photographer

A stunning sunrise elopement ceremony in the Colorado Mountains.

Un. Be. Lieve. A. Ble!!!

Yezi & Daniel have a special connection to Colorado, having already made incredible memories together on the slopes of Mt. Evans on past visits to the rockies. But this memory will surely be the best of them all. Scarcely a week before this epic day I got a phone call from Yezi who was calmly pulling together a beautiful and simple Colorado mountain Elopement – and we just adored each other from the first moment we spoke. We knew that anywhere in Colorado would make an incredible backdrop for their intimate wedding ceremony, and we settled on a combination of locations clustered together, at sunrise in early October. When we met up at dawn at Summit Lake, the alpenglow spreading down over Mt. Spalding was – well, just take a look. It was beyond words, beyond incredible, and also unbelievably cold – between the altitude, the fall temps, and the wind gusts across the tundra- it was close to 20 below.  Normally, I would never shoot a client in such conditions – but these two sweethearts popped out of their van and said “Let’s shoot!” and who was I to argue? The lace and beading on her dress didn’t provide much (any) heat, but they kept warm simply by holding each other and reveling in the first light of sunrise on their elopement day. Their hair whipped around them, the wind howled so hard we couldn’t hear each other, and none of it mattered at 12,000 feet in the glacial col. IT. WAS. EPIC. Our hearts already full, we skipped down the mountain to the slightly warmer Echo lake where close family and friends joined them for an emotional ceremony on the shore. Daniel sealed his vows by kissing his new wife’s hand after he slid the ring onto her finger, easily one of my favorite moments of the day. During the ceremony, Yezi’s veil flew into the water, grandma wore my gloves to keep her hands from freezing off, we were all eating our hair and Daniel’s brother, who officiated, surprised everyone by throwing on a truly terrifying halloween mask right after their first kiss.. and soon the younger guests were trying it on too, which left us all in tears laughing. Luckily, they have photos to cherish all of it, and I felt right at home with this family’s antics!  Finally, the newlyweds headed to a nearby grove of fall aspens to share in a few more tender moments and their first dance- alone together, with all the fall colors they’d hoped for, on the side of one of their favorite mountains after just having said aloud their feelings and intentions to spend the rest of their lives together. Yes to all of that, please!! And all of this before lunch! What an incredible, epic morning we had together, and I can’t thank these two enough for sharing their crazy fun intimate Colorado elopement with me – they made me feel like one of the family and I think if I listen closely, I can still hear them giggling from here! Congratulations you two! 

WEDDINGS | Colorado & Beyond | CONTACT

WEDDINGS | Colorado & Beyond | CONTACT

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