Amber & Erik’s Art Museum Wedding Photos

Party of the year alert! Amber & Erik set out to have as much fun as possible on their wedding day, as they do in life – and they smashed that goal! This group put the party in wedding party ten times over! It was a pleasure to be among old friends for this wedding, and an honor to capture the emotional, crazy, intimate, cute and laugh-out-loud moments that were plentiful on the big day, as well as create some imaginative portraits including one of Erik that makes it appear he got ready underwater- waaaaaat! Amber & Erik’s outdoor ceremony in the sculpture garden was doubly beautiful because the forecast had called for rain all day, but it somehow missed us and we were graced with gorgeous golden light as they said their vows and rejoiced with a group hug afterward. Then many rugs were cut (see also shredded) at an unforgettable dance party that was the icing on this perfect wedding’s cake. Scroll to see a huge collection of my faves – and join me in wishing them congratulations! -Lucy



Erik’s groomsies were just out for a walk WHEN… 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now, the crazy- awesome dance party: babies, dancers, families, saxophones, dinosaurs, couples, and lots of fabulousness! 



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