Brit & Dano’s Brittany Hill Wedding Photos – Denver Wedding Photographer

When I met Brittany, she was a bridesmaid at E&B’s Wedding– and she promptly strong-armed me into booking her that very day (what a hard sell.) That night, I witnessed Dano giving other guests horsey rides on the dancefloor, so I knew this couple was going to keep my on my toes in the best way. Fast forward a year to their beautiful summer wedding at Brittany Hill, which was heartfelt, personal, a lil bit country and a lil bit hawaiian, and packed with unforgettable moments and incredible portraits, sometimes through fire. There was also a level of ridiculousness NOT to be rivaled: Deadpool nearly caught the bouquet and I went home with a tattoo of the couple on my neck – check out their wedding highlights below to see what I’m talking about, and congratulations to one of the best couples I know!!



The love on everyone’s faces during the ceremony was beautifully obvious.. check out Brittany’s mom blowing her a kiss as she walks in! Dano getting weepy and hugging her father! At the end, Dano’s mom embracing him makes me teary! So many adorable family moments! 


These twilight photos were taken in the parking lot, because we had to get that rocky mountain view! 



Flowers – Lehrer’s Flowers | Hair – Megan Montoya
Makeup – Carly Day |Venue – Wedgewood Brittany Hill
Dress – Beautiful Bridal | Dessert – Dessert Bar 

  1. OMGosh….we just got to relive the whole ceremony. The photos were exceptional!!!! We did have a Wild Time didnt we!!!! We cant wait to share our Favorites!!! We have Never seen Daniel Smile from ear to ear ever before. You were an absolutely Stunning Bride. This is a beautiful collection of photos!!!!

  2. Wishing I could get married again just to see such beautiful pics!!!

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