Catbirth goes Viral!

#catbirth has gone viral. 


If these images of my partner and I adopting our first cat made you laugh or smile, take a moment to donate a dollar or more. I’m supporting local Denver cat rescues, like the one I adopted the infamous kitten from, with a portion of the proceeds. Or go down to your local shelter and volunteer, foster & adopt! 


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After I saw the photos that my friend and fellow photographer/videographer Elizabeth Woods-Darby captured of us, I was just blown away and had to share the brilliance and hilarity of her images with everyone. This (now immensely popular) photo shoot was originally just my way to privately announce to my family and friends that I’d brought him home, because I was SO excited about the addition to my life. I’ve been fostering nearly a hundred cats in my home over the last six years, waiting for the day I’d get to bring my own home. This week, the right cat popped up in a shelter and I knew he was The One! Here’s my first news appearance on Denver 9 news

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So far the little guy has been just as cute as can be, and we are working on a name. You can also check out my landscape photography and purchase a print to support us here. 


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  2. […] If these made you laugh, be sure to check out the entire series of photos here. You can also support Schultz’s mission to help out local Denver rescues by donating here. […]

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