2018 Behind The Scenes! – Denver’s Best Wedding & Engagement Photographer

It’s that time again. The time to reveal all the embarrassing moments, the outtakes, the bloopers, and the crazy stuff that happens behind the cameras (and in front of it!) in 2018. No shame, no gain! We start off with a groom fixing my ringlight “real quick” before their e session – then we move through some crazy faces and a horse drinking beer; people falling, exclaiming, hydrating, dancing, stripping, rocking out, drinking in bathtubs, rejoicing; a father bribing loved ones with dog treats during family photos; a groom with a wedgie, and many other shenanigans.

Next up are highlights from our trusty assistant Steven. He takes care of business.. from charming wedding planners, adding or removing lights, to making the weirdest faces and watching people make out, he also occasionally finds time to snag some cotton candy and ride the carousel. There is a very real risk of Steven becoming best friends with Grooms.. you’ve been warned.

Dan, our second shooter, has his share of funny moments too, though his are more.. acrobatic in nature. Also, he has a killer duck face.

And now, the real reason you’re here.. the embarrassing photos of me! Well feast your eyes, because there’s plenty of weird to go around. This year I bustled brides, changed their shoes, got my hair stuck in a tree, taught a little one about newts, rode someone’s dad, and generally got really dirty.

My selfies aren’t high quality, but it’s all about the amazing folks that I’m with! Past clients, future clients, great groups and times when I had a tattoo of the couple’s face on my neck. Yup, totally normal.

There were so many ridiculous moments last season, it was hard to cut it down and I know there are some I missed! BONUS FEATURE! Stuck on my back in a rock in Moab while meeping like a dolphin with strange fashion choices. So much going on here. ?!?!?!

As you can see, I don’t take myself too seriously! If you don’t either and are planning a kickass wedding, get in touch soon so we can hang out. I mean, make your wedding photos epic. And laugh a lot.


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