Nina & Mike’s Vineyard Wedding – Destination Wedding Photographer

“OMG”, “WOW”, and “HOLY ****” are the things you’ll be saying a lot as you check out this whopping heap of highlights from Nina & Mike’s amazing destination wedding at a vineyard on the coast of Connecticut. Hilarious and kind friends & family surrounded the pair on this beautiful fall afternoon. Butts were grabbed, tears were shed, great photos were made and man did they party!! Congratulations you two – if you ever get married again, please call me! -Lucy



This first look was off the adorableness charts. 


End of the night, end of the wedding, end of the blog post, right? Wrong! These dreamboats had me photograph a stunning day-after session for even more epic photos. They made out in the dunes, in the sand, in the ocean, at sunset – basically anywhere you can make out, Nina & Mike did. 


For you photo nerds, here’s my first Brenizer photo! Next time I’ll make it even more Brenizery. 


Nina & Mike got over 1,000 finished wedding photos just three weeks after their destination wedding, and an album is in the works! SHARE this post to make sure your friends have the best wedding photos possible. If you don’t tell your friends about Lucy Schultz Photography.. who will? 


Venue: Saltwater Farms Vineyard | Dress: Sareh Nouri from A Little Something White

Flowers: Ashleigh’s Garden | Hair & Makeup: Kimberly LaLima Le Spa | DJ: John “Cadillac” Saville 


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