Brit & Alex’s Eldorado Canyon Wedding Shoot – Colorado Wedding Photographer

I don’t need to write anything about how gorgeous, kind, and spirited my clients are – these photos show it all. Brit & Alex opted for a stunning bridal shoot to capture some epic photographs they won’t have time for on their wedding day later this summer – and to give us an excuse to shoot Brit’s back-up dress, which she looks AMAZING in (of course). She surprised Alex at their mini first look and his jaw literally dropped – SO cute.  The result was an afternoon of belly laughs, dancing, romance and gorgeous photos that are just dripping with Colorado beauty-ness. And I got REALLY dirty, so it was a good day. 😉 



“Let’s show off the ring.”



We were super lucky to have this melty sunset after a long day of clouds, and we sure made the most of it! High-five, Colorado! 


If you didn’t hire the right photographer for your wedding and want a re-do, this is what a bridal shoot looks like! Inquire for pricing and availability 🙂


And here’s what I look like after a great shoot. Browner than I started, and grinning like a ten year old with an ice cream cone. 


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