What to Expect with Lucy – Colorado Wedding Photographer



I’m a one man band, without the Y chromasome and without the music.  When you contact my studio whether by email, phone, text or via my website, you’re talking to me every time. I manage your booking, shoot your wedding, and edit the images. It’s normal for me to meet with interested folks over coffee  (or my actual favorite, ice cream) before signing – together we can hash out all the details of what you’d like included, answer your contract questions and start getting to know each other! It’s not uncommon for me to become close friends with my brides & grooms as we share the excitement of planning the big day. Show me your dress, your shoes, or your favorite photos and I’ll get even more inspired. I will send you an info form to fill out and customize so you can tell me who your people are, what’s going to happen, and what photos are the most important to you. I ask that you allow me to co-construct your timeline to leave ample but not excessive time for the photos you want.

The Engagement Session

After I receive your initial deposit, it’s time to schedule your engagement! We’ll spend 2-3 hours (You will have to tell me to stop) creating magical photos together in a gorgeous location. The session is free and mandatory for every wedding couple. This not only gives you great photos to share on your invitations or wedding website, it also gets you familiar with my goofy self and photo style. After the e- session, you’ll know exactly what to expect on your wedding day- and when I give you a little instruction, you’ll trust that it’s going to come out awesome if you follow my lead. Afterwards, I’ll ask what photos you loved from your engagement and what directions you didn’t like, so I can do even better at the wedding. You’ll have the right to print, post and create your save the dates with your engagement photos, and I’ll share my favorites in a collection on my blog.

The big day

I bring a lot of energy to your wedding day. Weddings are fun!! and my attitude will reflect that. I won’t fade into the background of your wedding, but rather be an upbeat part of the party. All of my wedding packages are “all hours” because I don’t want to limit my people to just 6 or 8 or even 10 hours of coverage – I want to capture everything about your day.  I’m also a professional bff: I’ve sewn my brides into their gowns when the top button snapped, I’ve pinned more groomsmen corsages than I can count, I’ve floofed the trains of many a gown for ultimate prettyness and helped flower girls at potty time. I show up like this, with my lenses on my belt, a smile on my face and tons of ideas. I’ll also have an assistant with me whom I pay to laugh at all my jokes and carry my other lighting things around. 

..But my hair won’t look this pretty after an hour and I’m going to end up ripping my pants and/or changing because I laid in the dirt for a shot.   

Prep & Details

Creating still life images of everything that’s meaningful to you is super fun for me. It’s a low key way for me to start the creative juices flowing while everyone is getting ready. I’ll also grab candids and family moments during this time. It’s best to have your wedding rings together at the start of the day so I may photograph them before they’re on your fingers! 

And YES, I will go see the guys prep if requested, because there is sure to be something going on.. 

First Look

I’ll pick out somewhere gorgeous and private for your first look, about two hours before the ceremony. This allows couples to spend more time with each other on wedding day and to complete the majority of photos before the party.  If you don’t want a first look, that’s ok too!

Posing Style

My posing style is very smushy. I don’t want to see any airspace between lovers! HUG IT OUT, and most importantly, laugh your tushes off! Most of my directions are WHERE to be, not HOW to be, so once you’re in flattering light, your candid moments unfold beautifully. If you need a little “what do I do with my hands” help, or I think your hips would look better if you shifted your weight, I’ll definitely let you know. I want my images to be ultra romantic and capture the emotion of the day. Bridal parties are similar: Once we’re in good light or have a fab background, I’ll come with a few ideas of my own, but also let the group decide what ridiculousness they’re up for.

Family Time

Since we’ve finalized the family photos that are important to you before the wedding day arrives, the “formal” photo part can go by quickly, often in only 20-30 minutes. 


The more crying, the better! I love having room to move around the ceremony area on either side of the guests as well as being in the aisle.  

Reception Details 

Even though I’m the most important part of your wedding, you still put a lot of time and effort into making your decor perfect. If you made it or paid for it, you’ll get a photo of it. 

On the dancefloor..

After I’ve grabbed a huge amount of dancefloor photos, you may see me busting some moves on your dancefloor to share in the joy of the celebration! Heck yes!

Sunset & Night shots

After dark, everything is a blank canvas for me to create something exceptional. We’ll take just ten minutes away from your reception for you to smooch in the dark and I’ll make it cool. Star trails? Colored lights? Rain? Done and done.

Follow Up

After the wedding, you’re still my client. I’ll send you a next day preview of a handful of favorites from your event, and then spend a few weeks selecting the best images and editing them to bring out the colors, adjust contrast and crop to the same standard as all the photos you see here on my website.  Every image you see from your wedding will be edited to its final form. I don’t make anyone skinnier or in any other way enhanced with photoshop. Within 30 days, you’ll get the link to a private online gallery where you can view your entire day in a slideshow and download the high resolution files directly. You can share this gallery and your photos with anyone you like. Then, you may use the files to print whatever you like- and you have my blessing! Make a snapfish book or get a groupon for canvases. I keep hard copies and cloud backup for all of your wedding images in case of.. well, anything. You’ll also get a gorgeous blog post with all the highlights.



My editing style: before and after.


Albums & Ordering

All of my product offerings are long lasting professional quality and all ordering is done by email – you just tell me what you want.  You may order a canvas, album or any other print product at any time before or after your event… even five years later! For albums, you’ll select a cover photo or fabric and about 60-100 of your favorite images, and I’ll spend a few weeks creating a layout for you to critique. This process may take longer during my busiest summer & fall months as I’ll be busy shooting other couples’ weddings, engagements and editing them all. You may critique your album design as many times as it takes until you say “Perfect!” Two weeks later it will be on your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy for decades to come.  See the Prints & Albums guide for more inspiration & ideas. lspalbums-6

Ready to start your booking? 

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