Kylie & Shaun – Denver Elopement Photographer

Everything about this day was juuuuuuust right. It was incredibly personal, heartfelt, laid back and totally beautiful. Kylie and Shaun have always been bewitched with each other, and now they are also entwined. Enjoy these highlights from their surprise winter elopement, and join me in wishing them both a lifetime of joy.

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They made their own wedding rings- out of their vows. Um, have you heard of something more adorable?!


Kylie also made the boutonniere and her flowers- of paper, feathers, pinecones, cedar and dusted winter berries. She is jaw droppingly beautiful in her grey gown and homemade tiny top hat veil.


As they spoke their vows to each other on the small dock, everyone welled up with tears of joy. 


The Ring Bear, Jason, was caught sleeping on the job!


I put them in a tiny mason jar! No photoshop was used.


Have two people ever been happier in each other’s arms? So much gorgeousness!


We brunched, and the newlyweds opened cards and a few gifts- check out their matching reaction to receiving matching copper mugs!


These two dancers got up in the empty diner and had the most romantic first dance in the afternoon light. What a dream!


So much love, bacon & beignets to you both. Thank you for giving me the honor of crafting your story.

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