Ridiculous 2016 Moments – Colorado Wedding Photographer

We laughed, we loved, we cried, we committed to the ridiculous this season! Here’s a look at all the crazy, silly and heartfelt moments I captured at weddings in 2016.  These are the moments that you didn’t see on my blog but are just as priceless! 

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When Sarah’s dad gave her away at the alter and Bernard LOST IT.img_4524

When a groomsman wiped out while playing football with champagne, I caught the guy’s reaction:img_5216img_5231img_5237

When you’re a bride, you don’t need a glass.


When the groom on Emily & Israel’s cake topper was beheaded.


When the groom’s fly was down right after their first look.


When Nico kissed his mom’s hand just before walking her down the aisle.


When Rob placed a promise necklace around Janine’s oldest daughter’s neck while she sobbed and hugged him back. Janine also cried in the background. Then everyone else cried too. 


When Jodie & Peter exited the chapel together and shared this ‘OMG we’re married’ moment!


When there is a sudden break-dance-off.


When A.J.’s groomsmen got in the jacuzzi.. in their tuxes.. and looked fantastic doing it.


All of these (appropriate) reactions to the best man’s speech.. which was sealed with a kiss!


When A.J.’s head lined up perfectly with the antlers behind him. 


When Harry’s pants almost came down and he needed four extra hands to get them back up, but he still needed to hold his beer. 


When Jen cried as she married her best friend.7jz-7

When your cake is so good you can’t let a single bit of it go to waste.


When the dance floor opened to all species.


When your adorable photo of your daughter in your wedding dress goes so right.. and then so wrong.


When their dog found and ate something dead.. blegh!


When it rained on Steph and she was still this excited to get married! 


When formal photos get really informal.


When it’s so cold in May that it actually starts snowing, it’s about time for a facepalm.


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