How To Craft A Modern Wedding Day Timeline: Lucy’s Tips – Colorado Wedding Photographer

 Creating a reasonable and relaxed timeline is one of the most important parts of having a fun wedding day. Trust your vendors to tell you how much time they need to do what they do. Leave gaps of breathing room in case things run late. And if great photos and an enjoyable day are important to you, plan to get ready early and leave smaller photo time slots throughout the day: less formal, more fun, please! My couples are asking me for authentic and natural wedding photos, no more posing. It’s a trend that’s been a long time coming and I love it! Staged family photos are probably the reason that being photographed can carry the stigma of being boring, time consuming and not flattering. Luckily, the days of spending 1-2 hours with your photographer immediately post ceremony are over. Smaller chunks of time split up along the course of your wedding day wins you so many more opportunities to grab moments, not poses, without being your photographer being an interruption. I’m advising all of my 2017 & 2018 couples to give me 15-20 minute blocks throughout the day to photograph them.


I think the most often forgotten time block that’s needed is right after a bride gets dressed- the dress is on, makeup is done, the hair is fabulous, everyone is looking good and then- everyone piles into a limo and leaves, or rushes to the ceremony immediately! Instead, give me time to photograph you in your suite or getting ready location for those beautiful portraits you’ve been dreaming of.


Photos of you and the family & friends around you are so much more real  and personal while getting ready, putting on your accessories or touching up your makeup, than posed later- like this priceless shot of Steph & her mom! 


Leave even more time and we can plan a first look with your pals and photograph you and your attendants together. Grabbing these pics before the ceremony is always less stressful. The earlier you get ready, and the more you spread out your photo time, the more party is in your day! 


If you’ve planned a first look between the wedding couple before the ceremony, you get to spend more time together, bottom line! You can also knock out half of your photos of just the two of you before the ceremony, winning you more time with your guests later on. Photos of the wedding party can also be done at this time. Earlier=better.eiwedding-149cawedding-323img_7323
Now, all this time saving doesn’t mean fewer photos. It just means you work with me over the course of the day here and there for more genuine smiles and more varied imagery. The half hour before sunset is the best light all day so you absolutely should take advantage of it. These four couples spent about 10 minutes with me in late afternoon, creating their favorite images of the entire event!jpwedding-736lj-159eiwedding-797lsp-7-2
After dark wedding photos are gaining popularity, as they should! Nighttime is like a blank canvas for me- I get to create something magical and extremely romantic out of nothing! This first image was taken in a hotel parking lot and I LOVE it. 


In short, you can have it all by taking advantage of all lighting conditions. Breaking up your wedding timeline to accommodate smaller photography sections is the best way to keep your day fun AND allow your photographer to get ultra creative. You don’t even have to hire me to take advantage of these tips- but it helps 🙂 Do you have tips to share about your wedding? Leave a comment and share with brides you know. 

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