Lexa & Jack – Boettcher Mansion Photographer

I couldn’t be happier to share these highlights from Lexa & Jack’s Bridal Portraits shoot at the Boettcher Mansion this month!! The location and the afternoon light were spectacular, but most of all this loving, afreakingdorable and ridiculously hilarious couple made this shoot just perfect! Lexa & Jack and I got along so well, it was like we have known each other for a decade. Lexa said, “Lucy has such a great personality and makes you feel super comfortable. Did I mention that her pictures look amazing?! I would recommend her to anyone!”

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I LOVE when my couples are up for laying in the grass. Bonus: no gowns were sullied in the making of these photos!


I love colorado weddings the most. This view! This couple!


No idea what they’re doing behind those flowers. Nope. No clue.


These moments. Steamy. Beautiful. Adorable.


What a treat to photograph Lexa & Jack’s bridal portraits in their home state of Colorado to contrast their south Carolina Wedding earlier this year! 

 Weddings | Denver, CO & Beyond | Contact

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