Colleen & AJ – Brewery Wedding Photographer

Colleen & AJ’s wedding was pure fun! What a treat to photograph two of the happiest, most in love people and their hilarious bridal party this past July. I couldn’t be happier for them both- Congratulations and enjoy these highlights!

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Colleen is SO beautiful! Did I mention her “flowers” are actually made of wood?!


The men helped A.J. get dressed in the BEST ways. 


A.J.’s reaction to seeing his gorgeous bride is a jaw-dropped GASP!


We stopped in the Malt Room below Brown’s for more beer & photos! 


Colleen is ecstatic coming down the aisle, while A.J. can’t hold back a few tears- what a moment!!


Colleen made all of the amazing terrarium centerpieces, and as always the food & service at Rev Hall under Carrie Harkin are unbeatable!


These toasts had family crying with laughter!


A few glorious minutes of sunset light by the Hudson river with these beautiful people, before they cut the first donut (!!) and a crazy dance party ensued!


Weddings | Denver, CO | Contact

Venue: Revolution Hall at Brown’s | Carrie Harkin

Hair – Nicole at Salon Harmony West | Makeup  – Betty Guerin

Dress – David’s Bridal | DJ – Lee Waddell

  1. What a beautiful effervescent couple!!! Every picture is so perfect. Lucy, you’re amazing!

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