Annika’s Glamour Shoot – Denver Photographer

Annika and I discovered each other just this year, and then we discovered she is dry tinder and I am a match. Indeed, we had been training our whole lives for this photo session. We even blasted Beyonce for three hours in the warehouse district of Boulder while yelling out “FIRE!” and other such power talk. Annika shared that she wanted to “let her authentic power flow out.”  during her session. This is her; raw, pure, and stunning. See what she had to say about me at the bottom of this post! 

Glamour portraits or “Make me a badass” sessions are $225. Contact me to schedule.


Annika said: My shoot with Lucy stands as one of the most empowering afternoons of my life. Lucy not only has an impeccable eye and instinct for the art of photography, but she gives you the experience of co-creating art with her. Her talent is fucking wizardry. We laughed, we smoldered, and now that I reflect on the photos, I feel with every part of my soul that they have captured my essence. When I first got my sneak peeks I literally said: “I want to print them off and tape them to my body!! I LOVE THEM!” Never have I felt so confident and comfortable in my body exactly as it is, on camera. Working with Lucy was an honor and privilege.”

  1. wow, your bad assery is growing, Lucy. Annika, you are a beautiful, bad ass woman!!!

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