Emily & Israel -Doctor Who Themed Wedding Photographer

A day filled to the brim with mishaps and profound joy. No matter what went wrong, (and everything did) this family had nothing but smiles, love and laughter. At the end of the day the sun broke through the cloud and the results are out of a fairy tale. I couldn’t be happier for these friends whose nerdy wedding dreams came true on the coldest, windiest and snowiest day in May! Mazel Tov!

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Lilith is working her mom’s wedding dress.


Emily is the gorgeousest. 


Instead of a Fez, Israel substituted a maroon kippah. Perfect!


Just after the first look, events in Israel’s pants prompted a quick fly check.. which resulted in this moment.


Israel & Emily did a cloth ceremony just before they signed the ketubah and got totally married! 


Sunset magic! If I ask you to leave your reception for ten minutes at sunset- say YES!


Weddings | Denver, CO | Contact

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