Sarah & Bernard – Destination Wedding Photographer

 Sarah & Bernard are the nicest, classiest, most fun loving people you’ll meet- I’m so happy they found each other, fell in love, and got married- Best of all, they invited me to photograph it!!  You may remember these supermodels from their NYC Engagement Session and now their spectacular destination wedding in Syracuse, NY is here! Check out these highlights of the day- from their first look inside the university stadium, to their tearful ceremony and bridal party fun, the crazy reception party and after dark romance portraits – the whole day was a beautiful, awesome party. Congratulations! 

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Sarah is FLAWLESS! 


Bernard got these custom engraved pocket watches for all his men.


A quick ride to the dome, where the pair had their first look and got these dramatic & unique bridal portraits on the field. 


I know what you’re thinking- after all that awesomeness, how could this wedding get any better? Well, sit down – because then it did. We were only away from the reception for ten minutes and got these unforgettable night shots. 


 Congratulations Sarah & Bernard! 

Weddings by Lucy Schultz Photography | Denver, CO | Contact

Hair by Crystal Simons

  Makeup by Aubrey James

 Wedding Gown by Kleinfelds

Flowers by Robin Questel

 Photobooth by Syracuse Partybooth

  1. Gary J. McMillion June 6, 2016 at 4:24 PM

    Outstanding Job. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You can actually see the love that they have for each other. Be blessed.

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