Courtney & Tim – Lake George Wedding Photographer

Courtney & Tim planned such a heartfelt celebration for their wedding this past October, and I’m so thrilled I got to be a part of it! Everyone was so happy to be there with them as they said their vows on his family’s cabin dock on the shores of Lake George, followed by a great dance party reception at Courtney’s parents tent. Every detail was personal – Courtney’s flowers were pages from Harry Potter- and the love they share is so obvious! 

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After family & bridesmaids help Courtney with her veil and try to hide their happy tears, The girls read harry potter together. 


Tim and his guys got ready together in the cabin. 


Four dudes, lookin’ sharp. I would hire this posse to be groomsmen at every wedding. 

CT10 CT11

Tim’s family are all beaming! 


Tim & Courtney’s First look.

CT13 CT14

A few moments with the soon-to-be-weds. The following photos were created using double exposures in camera – I love it!

CT16 CT17 CT18

Ceremony Details – and Courtney is gorgeous coming down the aisle! 

CT19 CT20

The sparkling lake behind them added to the magic.

CT21 CT22

We’re married! Time for champagne! 

CT23 CT24 CT25 CT26 CT27

All their guests blew bubbles for the lovebirds to walk up through after drinks on the deck. These were some enthusiastic bubble blowers!! 

CT28 CT29 CT30

Did I mention how happy and good looking everyone at this wedding was?

CT31 CT32


Their parents Whipped and Nae Nae’d it on the dance floor, then Courtney & Tim followed up with their sweet first dance to Dave Matthew’s You & Me. 

CT35 CT36 CT37 CT38

Hilarious toasts for the two. 

CT39 CT40

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