Amy & Troy – Golf Club Wedding Photographer

Amy & Troy had the most beautiful fall day for their wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY. Troy’s jaw absolutely dropped when he saw Amy for the first time, and they beamed at each other for the rest of the day! Thank you for having me, and congratulations! 

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Troy gifted all of his men personal pocket watches.


Amy is a lucky woman! 


Believe it or not, the following two photographs were taken in the parking lot! LOVE Amy’s unique vintage lace gown. 

AT10 AT12 AT13

Time to literally tie the knot! 

AT14 AT15 AT16 AT17 AT18

This scene is from a dream – we just had a few minutes to shoot before they joined their cocktail hour, but we made the most of it!

AT19 AT20 AT21 AT22

Amy did a great job of decorating her October wedding reception tastefully and without pumpkins! 


Their first dance was full of joy, as were the special dances with their parents. 

AT24 AT25 AT26 AT27 AT28 AT29 AT30

A little late night romance is like the cherry on top of a gorgeous wedding sundae! 



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