Nasrin & Joseph -Ballroom Wedding Photographer

Nasrin & Joseph are two fabulous & fun people who got married this fall in Congress Park! After a beautiful ceremony right in front of the spirit of life, they partied it up in the canfield casino. You can tell by the joy on their faces how elated they are to be marrying their best friend, at last! Congratulations to you both!

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Joe & the guys got ready in the pool room at the Batcheller mansion.


Iron man!!


These guys look so classy, you’d never guess how much fun we were having.


Nasrin is stunning coming down the mansion’s grand staircase- and she knows it! Joe’s jaw is on the floor! 


These two are in A LOT of love! 


This party knows how to make an entrance! This is the FINAL COUNTDOWN!


A little twilight love in the park.


My favorite image of the day – Joe kissing Nasrin’s hand in the middle of their ballroom reception. What a guy.


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