Kate & Stan – Lodge Wedding Photographer

This wedding is jam packed with personal touches and crazy shenanigans! Not only are these two highschool sweethearts madly in love, with amazing families – they also know how to plan a freaking awesome wedding! From a gorgeous fall day on Echo lake, bridal party photobombs, the most tearful toasts I’ve ever seen, a pie bar, so much beer, a bonfire, a groomsman bench pressing a bridesmaid on the dancefloor- This wedding had it all! Did I mention the beer? Congratulations Mr & Mrs Edgerly! 

Kate & Stan got over 1300 retouched photos in this custom DVD case.IMG_0181

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When Kate saw her photos, she raved at me, and this is a direct quote, “THEY ARE AMAZING LUCY OMFG SERIOUSLY AMAZING. You are AMAZING. You caught every single detail of my day and went above and beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. I am so glad I found you, you made my day PERFECT and I have breathtaking pictures to remember it forever. ❤ Seriously I am so grateful for you. THANK YOU!!”


I’ve had a photo crush on Kate’s ring since I met her. 



Bridesmaids getting ready and MAKING IT RAIN!


So gorgeous!!


The guys getting ready in their B.A.M.F. shirts! 


Sorry Ladies, Stan is taken! (That goes for you too, Jeremy!)

KS9 KS10

They may clean up well, but they’re also not afraid to get dirrrrrrty later. 


Robe Shot! Everyone keep your boobs in! 

KS12 KS13 KS14 KS15

Kate chose to do a first look with her bridesmaids.. their reaction to the bride is AWESOME! 

KS16 KS17

Check out these awesome dried flowers from Paper N Lace.

KS18 KS19

These girls are close.. and I mean.. close. 

KS20 KS21

What a perfect Mom & Daughter moment! Thanks Kim! 


I can’t say enough how stunning & radiant Kate is just before seeing her groom! 

KS23 KS24 KS25

After an emotional hug, it’s a good time to pick your groom’s nose.

KS26 KS27

OMG, the sweetness just as the wind catches her veil! 

KS28 KS29 KS30 KS31 KS32 KS33 KS34

Kate & Stan’s family photo list was about 5 photos long, which kept the fun at a maximum.

KS35 KS36 KS37

Best Man & Maid of Honor are also in love! So much love! 


These ridiculous groomsmen recreated our bridesmaid photos. Nice duck faces, boys.


The girls are so beautiful! 


But don’t heckle them. 

KS41 KS42

What the bridal party really wanted to do! 


Kate’s baby blue eyes & so much happiness – a photographer’s dream.

KS44 KS45 KS47 KS48 KS49


I couldn’t live without both of these shots- Kate, Jody, Stan & Art all beaming! We’re getting married!!

KS51 KS52 KS53 KS54 KS55 KS56 KS57 KS58 KS59

Everyone joined in on their first dance.

KS60 KS61 KS62 KS63 KS64

Three AMAZING toasts followed. Roaring laughter and a fountain of tears, especially as Kate’s mom spoke about them- the ENTIRE bridal party was bawling. 

KS65 KS66 KS67 KS68

Now that is a pie bar. They smashed! 

KS69 KS70

The crazy dance party was just beginning. 

KS71 KS72

I’m not naming any names, but one of them was drunk and it wasn’t Kate. 

KS73 KS74 KS75

KS76 KS77

Some late night romance was the cherry on top of a wonderful, happy day. 

KS78 KS79 KS80 KS81 KS82 KS83

The Edgerlys are finally married! Congratulations! 

Weddings | Denver, CO | Contact 

Lodge On Echo Lake | Hair & Makeup – Lexi Voekler

Dress – Jocelynn’s Bridal | Flowers – Paper N Lace 

DJ – K&K Productions | Video – Klassey Productions

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