Ali & Joe – Upstate NY Wedding Photographer

Ali & Joe are one of the happiest couples of the year. They spent their whole wedding day laughing together and having as much fun as possible – even when their limo containing the entire bridal party overheated after just five minutes! It was a beautiful summer day filled with family & friends and I couldn’t be happier for them both. 

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Also, these two had the most charming ring bearer & flower girl of all time.

There were so many little moments during their service –  a photographer’s dream!

We’re married!! 

Then I caught Ali grabbing a handful of Joe’s bum. Oh yes she did. 

Every detail at the Clifton Park Hilton was just as Ali had imagined it- she had to stop herself from tearing up when she saw her ballroom. 

Their first dance was downright adorable. 

Thank you for having me capture your special day! 

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