Jodie & Peter’s Engagement – New England Wedding Photographer

I feel SO lucky that Jodie & Peter found me!! They are perfect sweethearts, laughing constantly, dancing in the sunset and smooching at moonrise; a photographer’s dream duo! We got a ton of really cool shots- shooting at night garnered a chance to get really creative with lighting and silhouettes. Now all three of us are looking forward to their June 2016 wedding even more!! 

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First shots of the day are some of my favorites. 


Stella is the most loved doggy in the whole wide world! 


While they thought I was taking a shot of Stella.. I caught the lovebirds being ridiculously adorable in front of the sunset. 


Gorgeous location, gorgeous light, oh- and the gorgeous couple too. 

These are some of my all time favorites! Even though we were shooting in central Massachusetts, it looks like the coast of Maine. 

JP13 JP14 JP15

The non stop giggling courtesy of Peter. He rocks at jokes, if you know what I mean.

JP16 JP18

JP19 JP20

The blood moon is rising behind us! Adorable level is over 9,000.

JP21 JP22 JP23 JP24

Jodie had great things to say about her E session photos! “All I can saw is WOW!  These photos are stunning! Thank you so, so much. Squeee! The photos are stunning and I cannot stop looking at them! And we are so psyched about having you shoot the wedding next summer!”

Weddings | Denver, CO | Contact

  1. These pics are so wonderful, Lucy … I love how you caught the light around them – and through them! And all the different “textures” – sweet, loving, playful moments. Kudos! Hope to hear how you are and how you ended up in Colorado!! Sending hugs … Lezlie

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