Elizabeth & Ben’s Couples Session + Headshots – Denver Portrait Photographer

Elizabeth & Ben. Adorious & Hilarable. I was so lucky to spend a late afternoon and sunset photographing them looking ridiculous and amazing (Amazulous? Ridicuzing?) together and apart for headshots. Stop reading this and just see for yourself how much fun they are! 

Denver, CO | Contact 

These two images, taken just a second apart, really capture the spirit of the session.


This is a comment about how pretty Elizabeth’s eyeballs are. 


When faced with high winds, we make the best of it. 


The sky turned a rosy glow, but nobody was looking at the sunset. 


Note: do not interrupt Elizabeth & Ben kissing. There will be roaring. 


And then this little slice of perfection! *swoon*

EB8 EB9 EB10 EB11

Let’s dance under the twinkly lights. 

EB12 EB13

Ben’s headshot was super easy and fun. He looks sharp!

EB14 EB15 EB16 EB17 EB18

Elizabeth is so out of my league, it was a privilege to have her smiling face in front of me.

EB20 EB21 EB22 EB23 EB24

I LOVE this!


Denver, CO | Contact 

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