Colleen & AJ’s Engagement – Brown’s Brewery Photographer

I just adore my 2016 couples! From my first meeting with AJ & Colleen and all through their engagement shoot we were laughing outrageously over everything- they are super fun and easy to photograph. I’m so lucky to have clients that could be my friends- it also helps to be ridiculously good looking like they are! Enjoy the preview – can’t wait to shoot them again in July!

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We shot at the Walloomsac brewery in Hoosick falls – everything is pretty and we even grabbed some tasty beer!

Ring balancing level: expert.

Colleen is just gorgeous and they never stop laughing! 

Shooting inside the brewery between the giant tanks of beer was unique and different! 

Nothing says Brown’s.. like a giant sign that says Brown’s. 

Being granted permission to shoot in off limits areas excites me almost as much as having an awesome, in love couple in front of a gorgeous waterfall! How cute are they! 

Last stop in the engagement session was a nearby historical covered bridge – we even managed to not be run over! 

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