Chelsea & Andrew – Country Wedding Photographer

It’s finally here – Chelsea & Andrew’s whopper blog post! These two and their families are some of the sweetest, nicest people you will ever meet! Their wedding was a fairytale- Chelsea did such a great job planning her wedding, there was SO much to photograph, everyone was happy, a ridiculously fun bridal party and two beautiful people who couldn’t be more in love. I’m so lucky to have spent the day with them, starting at Grandma’s house for getting ready! 

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Chelsea’s mom sees her in hair & makeup!

A gorgeous group of bridesmaids in robes!

While the ladies dressed, I stopped by to see the guys getting ready. More of the crazy groomsmen later! 

OH. MY. GORGEOUSNESS. Chelsea’s green eyes are sparkling.

Just before the ceremony, the veil is on and the anticipation is killing us! LOVE these moments.

Chelsea’s cousin Shawn plays guitar during the processional- he’s also my good friend and the reason the couple found me! Here comes the bride!


This bridal party was having the time of their lives- we got a ton of fun shots of everyone at Grandma’s house before heading to a secret waterfall for more!

Suddenly it seemed like all the guys had to go.. all at once. Together.

And this is what happens when you tell them to “Pop that booty.” Awww yess.

Whoa! Things are about to get ever prettier! 

Never has “Seductively remove each other’s jackets.” been taken so seriously.

After all those beautiful moments in front of the falls, I turned around and saw this! My favorites of the day. 

Reception begins! 

Andrew & Chelsea giggled together for the entire first dance!

After parent dances, the dance floor was open and busy all night! 

Chelsea raved about her photos- “We ABSOLUTELY loved the pictures you took!!!! You did an amazing job! We love how you captured every single moment so beautifully. I literally cried. Looking through your photos made us feel like we were having our day all over again!! We are so thankful we had you as our photographer! Thanks so much!!!!!!!” 

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 The Putneys got over 1,600 photos on custom DVDs less than three weeks after their wedding!

Check out the NEW weddings page for all wedding info. Email me | 978 595 2287

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