Danielle’s Senior Portraits – Beach Portrait Photographer

I’ve been waiting years for Danielle to need senior portraits, and our early morning beach session last week was worth the wait! We were at the Maine coastline by 8am to catch the best light- I’m no fan of getting up early, but I AM a fan of photographing a smart, funny and absolutely beautiful young lady frolic on the beach! Stop reading this, scroll down, and hang on to your jaw, because it’s about to drop!

Senior Portraits – $175 – Limited Availability

Email me or 978 595 2287 to schedule. 

Delilah is a professional dog model- how perfectly cute are these?

I definitely don’t need to point out how sparkly her green eyes are, or her eye for classic and fashionable outfits.. but I will. 

Warning: If you thought those were pretty, sit down before you have a heart attack. It gets better.

This is why you should trust me when I tell you what time we should shoot! She is glowing!!

Danielle and I got along famously from the start- it was like we’d been friends for years! We were laughing the whole time we were shooting, except for the times I was spluttering incomprehensibly about how gorgeous she is. WOW.

Possibly the most New England scene I have ever shot.

 We got such a boatload of great photos, Danielle is going to have a really hard time choosing her senior pic! She got over 250 retouched portraits just 5 days after her session.  

Senior Portraits – $175 – Limited Availability

Email me or 978 595 2287 to schedule. 

Have a fantastic senior year!

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