Bridget & Chris’s Engagement – Albany, NY Wedding Photographer

I have long awaited this E session with my good friends Bridget & Chris and it was GORGEOUS all afternoon! All you need to know is, they are cute AF- So cute that they were awarded chilled champagne by a stranger who watched them smooching from her window. “Congratulations.. you’re in love!” Prepare to see some  warm and tender moments interspersed with ridiculousness. 

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We started in their apartment with some minor death threats over a board game- in their natural habitat, you could say. 

Shameless engagement ring shots. SHAMELESS. And I’m not even done..

Then I caught them smooching on their porch just before we headed out to the outdoor portion of their session. 

These two make my job so easy, they’re perfect for each other! 

There is some serious magical unicorn love going on here. 

Happy and in love looks good on both of you. 

..I’ll just be in the bushes if you need me.


Foof his hair.. just go for it. 

Hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them- to say I’m looking forward to your April wedding is a major understatement! -Lucy

Check out the NEW weddings page for all wedding info.

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