Margarita & Dakota – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Huge congratulations to Dakota & Margarita, married last Tuesday at Rutgers gardens in New Jersey! They had a beautiful day until the ceremony- it absolutely poured, and then cleared up immediately afterwards into a blazing hot and humid afternoon! Margarita is absolutely stunning and they were both so sweet on each other all day, I couldn’t ask for more! I had so much fun shooting this wedding, this blog post is humongous, so get ready to scroll! Dakota & Margarita got over 800+ retouched images 8 days after their wedding.

 Check out the Weddings Page for pricing and package details. Email me / 978 595 2287 to inquire!

Believe it or not, it was my first time photographing getting ready at a salon – I loved it! 

Hair and makeup – check. Stunning bride to be – check. 

When your wedding day starts running late, it’s easy to skip the final photos of the bride. I was so glad we didn’t though- there is so much beauty to be photographed! 

I love this photo. There is a lot of love at a wedding that isn’t between bride and groom.

Cool double exposure of Margarita before the ceremony and a bouquet of flowers. 

Dakota is putting on his final touches before the first look..

Who gets married in New Jersey with bamboo in their background? Thanks, Rutgers gardens! 

Sadly, just after their first look it started to pour, so their ceremony was inside the reception pavilion. 

Above, Grandma Mabel helps out the flower girl just before Margarita comes down the aisle with her dad. Let’s get married!! 

The pure love on their faces is why I do what I do. 

That’s a good looking group of guys, right there! We blasted through the bridal party and family portraits as soon as the rain stopped.

Their reception was so tastefully decorated with pops of bright flowers.

After their sweet first dance, the party got started! I think Dakota’s mom is still dancing. 

Borrowing newlyweds’ rings isn’t easy.. but always worth it! 

Late in the evening, we went to the sun and shade garden and the gazebo where they had planned their ceremony for these gorgeous portraits. I just love working with them and you can see why- these are some of my favorite images of the day.

Congratulations and all the best for many years to come! Thank you for having me capture your special day.

Check out the Weddings Page for pricing and package details. Email me / 978 595 2287 to inquire!

  1. Beautiful wedding! Beautiful couple! Beautiful setting. Ahhh

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