Cierra’s Headshots & Dance – Denver, CO Portrait Photographer

Cierra is so radiant with beauty and a fountain of contagious joy – it was so easy and fun to take these headshots for her! We are both weirdos and were instant friends, commiserating about the 90 degree day we had picked for our session. Make sure you get all the way to the end for the funnies.. Cierra might be a professional face-maker. 

Headshots – $145  Email me  |  978 595 2287

So. Beautiful.

One of our priorities was to shoot with these pants. They are what her personality would look like.. if it were a pair of pants.

Cierra makes my job so easy! I love the more casual headshot- this is what I look like. In real life. 

While we were both trying not to laugh at how ridiculous I looked standing over her in the middle of City park, she gave me this smirk, making my favorite image of the afternoon.

  Dancing is in Cierra’s blood and bones, and watching her is a treat! 

We were photobombed by a goose. 

Thank you for a great afternoon! Here is a whole page of funnies like I promised 🙂

Headshots – $145  Email me  |  978 595 2287

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