Aimee & Tian Yu’s Couples Portraits – Boulder Photographer

What’s better than shooting in the mountains of Boulder, with a happy and fun couple? Nothing, actually! I saw mule deer, desert lizards, raptors soaring and cool mountain chipmunks during our shoot, while Aimee & Tian Yu just saw each other! It was extra special creating these photos for them in a place they love to spend time together.

Email me | 978 595 2287 to book your summer session! 

Both fantastic dancers, it was only natural that we started with Aimee & Tian Yu dancing in the shade of big boulders at Crown Rock. 

The love in their expressions is perfection.

These two have such great balance and trust in each other that they were able to make a big heart on top of a mountain! Take that, pinterest! 

The colors and texture of the mountains is to die for. Oh, and they look great too. 😉

Did I mention the nonstop giggling? I love the nonstop giggling.

Surprise! Tian Yu and Aimee are actually wizards. After a brief skirmish, they settled their battles and now take on the world together!

Thank you both so much for spending a glorious summer morning in the mountains with me. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 

Email me | 978 595 2287 to book your session! 

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