Anna Grace’s Family & Dance Session – Denver Photographer

When Anna Grace asked me, “What do we do if it rains?” A few hours before our session and several hours into tornado warnings and flood watches across the county, she probably wasn’t expecting me to say, “We shoot in the rain!”. But then, she didn’t know how little I care about my shoes and how much I care about creating unforgettable photos no matter what! She certainly knows now, as we had a ridiculously fun shoot with her sweet son Joel, (“What can I do to help? I love helping!”) and her friend Nipuna who provided his model good looks for Anna Grace’s dance partner needs. Anna Grace is a phenomenal person and dancer- she provides private lessons that you should DEFINITELY take her up on.  

Email me | 978 595 2287 to book your session!

Nipuna gets a quick headshot. That’s a good lookin’ dude right thur.  

Joel and his mom are peas in a pod. 

This is about when it started raining, so: Frolic!

This is Sloan’s lake park with Denver’s skyline in the background.

Hold up there Anna Grace. Leave some gorgeousness for the rest of us! Give me a break!!

These two were such good sports- as soon as it was dance-photo time, the rain really started pelting on them. I hear they have since dried off, though! 

“Can I do a photo where I’m like…. THIS!?” Yes, Nipuna, please do..

A break in the crazy storm gave us this great sunset to my delight! LOVE the joy on Anna Grace’s face as she flies through the air.

 I’ve got a few tricks in my wheelhouse that I seldom get to use, so if it rains on your wedding day.. please take advantage! Lighting is everything in this series! 

We couldn’t possibly have a bloggity without some funnies from these awesome people. Anna Grace started hopping up and down on the bridge when it was raining, but the funniest part is Nipuna’s face as he looks on. Then during the rainy shots, In order to make the photos appear less romantic, they grabbed each other’s faces. That makes sense, right? 

  “She is positively amazing. She is a Bamf. She did such a great job with this shoot!  Book with her! She’s so good! We are having so much fun looking through all of these pictures!” -Anna Grace

Anna Grace got 150 high resolution retouched files ten days after her shoot.

 Email me | 978 595 2287 to book your session!

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