Tresne’s Headshots – Denver Portrait Photographer

Oh. My. Gosh. Another killer portrait session at Red Rocks! Tresne is a powerhouse of laughter, listening, sillyness, smarts, kindness and dashing good looks. When you have this much fun during your session, you’ll forget I’m even taking your photo!

Headshots – $145

Email me – 978 595 2287

Tresne left me a fantastic review for me on google+! I am so lucky to have such sweet clients! 

I warned her that she would have far too much fun at our session, and I’m pretty sure she did, judging by the pictures..

Pause! For ridiculousness! 

This is quintessential Tresne to me: Gorgeous, and definitely up to something! 

So beautiful, STAHP!

One of the best compliments I’ve received: “THESE ARE AMAZING!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You. Rock. My socks. And red boots. Right off!” -Tresne upon seeing her photos

Like so many of my new friends in Denver, Tresne is a stunning blues dancer.

Tresne is likely to break out some moves at any moment.

I was truly unprepared for the onslaught of crazy faces she had stored up by the end of our session. 

Call or email me soon to book your portrait session, and check out the other sessions I offer as well! Families, Seniors, Pets, Boudoir, and of course Weddings

Headshots – $145

Email me – 978 595 2287

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